16 ways to lost weight without dieting or exercising

Rolling out little improvements to your every day life can bigly affect accomplishing ideal wellbeing and craved bodyweight. Here are 16 tips you can get more beneficial and get thinner without changing your calendar.

16 ways to lost weight without dieting or exercising
16 ways to lost weight without dieting or exercising

1. Don’t Skip Breakfast. It is important to start up your metabolism. Hunger sets in long before it’s time for lunch, so those who haven’t had breakfast often reach for snacks that are high in fat or sugar.
2. Eat your carbs earlier in the day. It is easier to digest carbs earlier in the day. So while it is important to eat a balanced diet, keeping your carb heavy meals at breakfast will help you stay fit.
3. Ditch the elevator, the escalators and the movators. Take the stairs instead. Taking the stairs can shrink your waist by almost 2% in 12 weeks
4. Learn what you’re really craving. When you think you’re craving candy, you may just be craving sugar. Eating a piece of fruit can eliminate this quickly. The more you know about what your body really wants, the more likely you are to find a healthy alternative and feel satisfied.
5. Always eat your calories. Don’t waste calories by drinking them. Chewing triggers satiety, so you may take in 15% fewer calories than if you eat your apple instead of drinking its juice.
6. Make a plan to drink more water. You’ve been told a million times to drink water but that doesn’t make it any easier to remember while you’re busy. So link your sips to something you do often, for example whenever you check your email. This will keep you full all day and make sure you get the amount you should have.
7. You need to also drink a glass of water before your meals. Often when you think you’re hungry you’re actually just thirsty. Try to stop yourself from going for the bread by drinking water instead. It will also help you digest your food better.
8. Ditch your chair for a standing desk. It may be hard a sell to convince your boss this but there are tons of benefits from getting a standing desk, one being that you’ll lose weight. And that it will make you move more.