5 exercises to burn back fat faster

Fortunately, there are some great ways to burn away back fat. Of course, having the proper diet can help. But, there is nothing like good-old-fashioned exercise that focuses on those trouble areas and puts the smack-down on that stubborn fat deposit.

If you are interested in burning back fat, here are 5 exercises that burn back fat faster:
1. Lat pull-downs:
If you are not already doing lat pull-downs, you should be. This is a great exercise for melting away the fat on your back. It really works the shoulder and back muscles, as well as your biceps (the front of your arms). Here is how to do lat pull-downs:
  • Stand in front of a lat pull-down machine that is equipped with a wide grip bar. Start with a light weight (maybe 40 pounds – you can always add more later).
  • Grasp the bar with an overhand (palms away from you) grip that is wider than your shoulders. Sit down at the machine.
  • Keep your back straight and eyes facing in front of you. Slowly pull the bar down to your chest without touching the bar to your chest.
  • Pause, then slowly bring the weight back up (but not letting the weight touch the stack).