50 Simple changes that can change your life

11. Cook one more night. Plan for one more night of cooking a week. This will mean you will save money and calories if you aren’t eating out, plus you’ll get to spend more family time together.

12. Do more squats. We love squats, and there are tons of variations you can try so you won’t get bored. Your booty and legs will thank you!

13. Skip the fruit juice and eat real fruit. There are many added ingredients (like sugar) in fruit juices, so instead of a glass of OJ, drink water and enjoy an actual orange.

pile of fresh oranges

14. Take evening walks with the family. Enlist the kids to help clean up after dinner, and then get outside. Take a short walk around your neighborhood. Not only will it help to tire out the kids, but you’ll get in more family time and more steps. The more active you are, they healthier you become.

15. Make your coffee skinny. If you can’t kick your coffee, you can certainly make it skinnier. Say goodbye to creamers and try sweetening with stevia. You may think you can’t drink it without cream, but give it a try. You might be surprised by how much you like it.

16. Go meat-free for one day. Many people participate in meatless Monday. Even if you love your steaks, a day of going meatless is a good way to fill up on veggies! Check out these delicious meat-free meals.

17. Work out in the morning. You may not want to get up and exercise in the morning but your body will thank you. If you put it off until the evening, you may be too tired, get a headache, run out of time — the list of excuses goes on and on. Start early and get it out of the way. You’ll feel great all day!

morning stretch

18. Before sitting down to eat dinner, pack away leftovers and portion out what you’ll take for lunch the next day. By doing this, you’re eliminating the chances of going back for seconds that you do not need. Plus, cleanup will go by a lot faster!

19. Keep a water bottle at your desk. If you have one that lives at work, you won’t forget to tote it back and forth from home, and with water only an arm’s length away, you’ll drink a lot more water.

20. Swap out one unhealthy snack for a fruit or vegetable. Instead of that bag of chips, grab an apple. You’re saving yourself calories and giving yourself nutrients. Once you’re comfortable with this change, start swapping out any and all snacks until you’ve rid yourself of junk food habits.