50 Simple changes that can change your life

30. Find small time increments to work out. Do burpees until your microwave has finished, lunge your way into another room of the house or do squats when picking up after the kids.

31. Lay out your workout clothes the night before. If you have everything out and ready to go, you’ll have less excuses to work out, especially if you pack your workout clothes in the evening. There’s no excuse of forgetting your shoes at home.

32. Write down what you eat. If you keep an ongoing list of all the food you eat in a day. You can keep it to yourself or have a friend do the same and share your lists each night. It’ll keep you from grabbing that donut in the break room because you won’t want to add it to your list.

33. Try quinoa instead of rice. Brown rice is better than a lot of other options, but quinoa is a whole other story. It’s a protein-packed superfood that you and your family need to try out. Learn more about quinoa here and try our our Quinoa Vegetable Stir-Fry.

quinoa vegetable stir fry

34. Put down your fork in between bites. When you do this, you’re giving yourself a bit more time to chew and allow your brain to catch up to how full your stomach is.

35. Work out during commercial breaks. Drop some squats during commercial breaks or challenge yourself to do burpees for one entire commercial segment. It’s a great way to sneak in a workout while getting in some relaxing time. Check out our Couch Potato Workout here!

36. Start each meal with a glass of water. It’ll help to keep you full and prevent over-eating. Oftentimes, thirst can present itself as a hungry feeling, so be sure you are well hydrated.

37. Check your protein bars. Not all “health” bars are actually healthy. In fact, the sugar in some outweighs the protein or health benefits that they broadcast. Which should you avoid? We’ve got a list.

38. Instead of chips, make something better. You can make sweet potato chips, zucchini chips or kale chips. All are a great snack because they give you that crunch you crave without overdoing it.

39. Start sleeping naked. Sleeping naked has some surprising benefits! Not only is it good for your lady bits, but it can increase confidence and more! Read about it here.