50 Simple changes that can change your life

40. Don’t sit all day. If you work at a desk, you probably sit down all day. Try going to the bathroom on a another floor, take a walk around the building before lunch or do some lunges in the hallway.

41. Start visualizing. Stop thinking of the negatives and get positive. Visualize the way you want to look or feel without looking down on yourself.

42. Stretch more. Like many people, you may need to work on your flexibility. Try stretching as you watch TV or before bed so you can get a little more bendy.

43. Stop sitting, start standing. If you have the chance to stand instead of sit, go ahead and do it. You’ll use some more energy this way and improve your posture.

44. Do some pushups. Pushups are a workout essential and yet they aren’t easy to do. Start with a modified pushup if you need to, but start soon!

45. Go to sleep earlier. Previously, we suggested waking up a bit earlier. Pair that with going to bed earlier and you’ll feel great. You’ll wake up feeling far more refreshed and have more energy. Our bodies naturally follow the sun, so your sleeping pattern should too.

46. Pump up your water. You can change up your water by adding fruit to it and it can have some great health benefits. You can se some tasty combinations here.


47. Eat a good breakfast. If you start with a protein-packed breakfast, you’ll be more full throughout the morning and avoid snacking. Here are some suggestions of good breakfasts to keep you full.

48. Use an exercise ball at your desk. By sitting on a stability ball you can keep engaged abs and good posture as you work. You’ll also improve your balance!

49. Start riding your bike. Walking to the store may not be an option, but biking is! You can stay active without over-exerting yourself. It’s also a great way to go green!

50. Start meal prepping. If you can plan out your week’s worth of meals, you can easily get ahead. Pack your snacks for work ahead of time so you can easily grab and go with a healthy option.