8 Reasons You Feel Tired Every Day

The Fatigue Fighter: Go for a walk. Studies show getting up and moving can boost energy for up to two hours. “Walking is the simplest, most natural form of exercise,” says King. “Taking brisk, 10-minute walks a day helps increase circulation, lower blood pressure and instantly perk you up.” Getting out in the sunlight also boosts your serotonin levels so you come back to your work refreshed, more productive and even more creative.

walking shoes

2. The Zapper: Your Messy Desk Space

The Reason: The reason you feel too zapped to clean up your cluttered desk or office home? The mess itself. “Not only is there literally less space to do your work, create your art, make a magical spreadsheet, etc., but all the stuff is staring at you, reminding you of the hundred other things you have to do,” says Los Angeles-based clutter expert and professional organizer Fay Wolf of New Order. “Your clouded brain isn’t able to be fully present to the work at hand.” Looking for your notes from that one meeting or your favorite pen wastes time and tires you out before you’ve even started.