The Figure Method for thinner thighs

The Figure Method for thinner thighs
Oh, those elusive thin thighs! What we all wouldn’t do to have them! Cindy Sites, founder of The Figure Method and owner of Go Figure Fitness Studios, says it’s time to put away the Spanx and put her six best thigh-thinning moves into practice. Yes, you can have enviable ballerina legs – no equipment required. Here’s how.

Go Figure

Cindy Sites has heard request after request from her clients looking for long, lean dancer’s legs. The classically trained ballerina and former Lotte Berk instructor founded Go Figure and The Figure Method 10 years ago to give clients an effective and fun workout that doesn’t require heavy weights or equipment. The Figure Method is a unique hybrid of yoga, Pilates, isometric exercises and classical ballet that tones, strengthens, tightens and lifts.

The secret to thinner thighs

Get off the abductor and adductor machines and use your own body weight to achieve leaner legs. The secret to thinner thighs, according to Sites, is a three-dimensional approach to your lower body movements.

“I view thighs from three directions: front (quadriceps), rear (hamstrings) and outer (gluteus minimus — that pretty little hollow in the outer seat area),” says the fitness expert. “In order to develop beautifully toned thighs in 3D, I recommend the five leg exercises below, ending with a luxurious stretch to elongate the muscles you’ve just worked and say hello to beautiful, lengthened thighs!”