Whiten your teeth by tomorrow

6. Eat abrasive foods. Sounds scary. What this means is to eat more apples, carrots, or celery. These foods contain cellulose, which cleans teeth by removing surface stains. Greens also provide a barrier to stains because of their mineral compounds. That’s just another reason to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet!

woman eating a whole carrot

7. Blue-based red or pink lipstick: Hues with this cool undertone make teeth appear brighter to the average eye. The same is true for dark colored clothing.

8. Hydrogen peroxide: Be sure to buy a three percent solution hydrogen peroxide, which is considered safe for oral use by the American Dental Association. Create a mixture of 50 percent hydrogen peroxide and 50 percent water to swish in your mouth for about one minute. Spit once time is up and rinse with water. Be sure to brush your teeth as usual after using this concoction.